Society Profile

Our Mission: 

  • We aim at enriching, promoting, and disseminating Health Education and Promotion.


  • Hosting annual academic conferences and symposiums (about once per year); publishing a scholarly journal (four issues annually); holding board/councilor meetings, committee meetings, and seminars.

Composition of the Society:

  • Professionals engaging in research and practice in a variety of fields including Community Health, School Health, and Occupational Health.
Head Office   
Address: Nutrition Ecology, Kagawa Nutrition University
3-9-21 Chiyoda, Sakado-shi, Saitama 350-0288 Japan.
Founder's Day        
Founded on June 29th, 1991
Yukari Takemi, Kagawa Nutrition University
Membership: 1,112 (as of June 2020)
Regular members: 7,000 yen (Annual Fee)/ 2,000 yen (Enrollment Fee)
Scholarly Journal  
The Journal of the Japanese Society of Health Education and Promotion (four issues per year, plus an annual conference note)